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Non Standard Bespoke Solutions

To accommodate unusual curves or angles, roofs which intersect at different levels or any other feature of an installation not covered by the standard ranges, Marley Alutec offer a bespoke product service to complement any non standard requirements.

An indication of the most common non standard items are shown below, however other items may be possible. For further advice, contact the Technical Services Department on 01234 344108.

True radiused gutters: True radiused gutters can be sand cast to simulate all profiles in the Marley Alutec range. Sand casting involves making a wooden pattern of the gutter profile, to the given radius, from which the sand moulds are made. In view of the pattern cost, this method can be costly for small quantities.

Due to building and foundry tolerances, it is recommended that radiused gutters are made in approximately 1m lengths.

Segmented radiused gutters: Achieved by internally welding together segments of machine mitred gutter to achieve a given radius. Dependent on the radius, the more segments introduced the better the appearance.

This method is less expensive than sand casting and in general the segmentation is not noticeable on two storey buildings and above.

Site dimensions: As theoretical radius dimensions are often subject to extreme building tolerances, we recommend that a rigid 1m long radiused template be cut or marked on site. The template should be offered up to the fascia at 1m intervals to check the fascia has been constructed to a uniform radius.

The template should be sent to Marley Alutec Technical Services department, email for use as a master template.

Bespoke hopper heads: Individually designed hoppers can be fabricated from sheet aluminium and a variety of decorative cast motifs and embellishments can be added to enhance the appearance, if required.

Compound gutter angles: Any reasonable degree of angle can be fabricated. However, care must be taken in establishing accurate site dimensions and degrees of angle. Experience has proved that theoretical geometry may not be accurate, hence each angle should be site checked and location referenced.

Special gutter adaptors: Adaptors between differing sizes and profiles of gutters, rainwater pipes or drain connections can be fabricated to customer requirements, subject to design criteria. Accurate dimensional details are required.

Special gutter outlets: Standard gutter outlets can be modified to customer requirements subject to design criteria. However, it should be noted that this may be detrimental to the flow performance of that outlet.

Gutter/Fascia/Soffit assemblies: Non-standard gutter profiles made from sheet aluminium are available to order. Fascia and soffit systems are made to a standard design concept which can be adapted to suit most applications; see the Marley Alutec soffit and fascia brochure for further information. Customer designed systems will also be considered subject to design criteria.

Special pipe and gutter brackets:

Special support brackets for use in conjunction with standard or bespoke products are available to order subject to design criteria.

Non standard requirements

  • Non standard requirements

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